Vegetation, a Threat to Power Lines

While blackouts are a problem at all grid levels, they certainly are most dangerous for level 1 grid infrastructure. Massive blackouts due to vegetation occure frequently, e.g. recently in Greater Jakarta.

In recent years, serious wildfires have been caused by power lines. In difference to blackouts, wildfires are equally problematic at all grid levels and have the potential to cause considerable damage, compare PG&E.

Business Finances

Blackouts and Wildfires pose a thread to finances of every grid provider around the globe.

Fast & Reliable

AIPHA ML is a set of sophisticated and fully automated deep learning tools.


Reduce the risk of harm. Protect society and environment alike.

Be ready for whatever the future may bring*

*AIPHA ML aims to support the processing of any kind of geospatial data, including airborne laserscans from helicopters or airplanes as well as data from long-range drones and satellites.

AIPHA Fall-in and Grow-in Monitoring

Automatically identify vegetation based threats to your infrastructure by deploying geo-data and sophisticated machine learning.

i) Tree Growth Prediction

2D Deep Learning

(Optional) Predict tree growth to identify threats before they become a danger.

ii) Classification

3D Deep Learning

Classify point clouds into power infrastructure and vegetation with the AIPHA 3D Deep Learning Framework.

iii) Fall-in and Grow-in Monitoring

Based on (i) and (ii)

Automatically compute Fall-in probabilities and the risk of Grow-in.

AIPHA Forest Fire Index

AIPHA FFI will help you prepare before wildfires happen. Identify potentially burnable biomass near your power lines.

i) Drought Index

Remote Sensing

Estimate how dry a region is based on a well-esteblished drought-index from high resolution satellite images.

ii) Biomass Estimation

Deep Learning

Estimate the amount of potentially burnable biomass from satellite images.

iii) Forest Fire Index

Based on (i) and (ii)

Estimate the amount of burnable bio-fuel near your power lines.