Automated Vegetation Monitoring

Our automated vegetation monitoring can help you to answer the two critical questions: i) Where can an accident happen and ii) how much damage would be caused by an accident.

Individualized solution

In order to best suit your needs, AIPHA ML can be applied to a broad range of sensor data, from airborne laser scans to satellite images.

AIPHA Fall-in and Grow-in Monitoring

Automatically identify vegetation based threats to your infrastructure by deploying geo-data and sophisticated machine learning.

i) Tree Growth Prediction

2D Deep Learning

(Optional) Predict tree growth to identify threats before they become a danger.

ii) Classification

3D Deep Learning

Classify point clouds into power infrastructure and vegetation with the AIPHA 3D Deep Learning Framework.

iii) Fall-in and Grow-in Monitoring

Based on (i) and (ii)

Automatically compute Fall-in probabilities and the risk of Grow-in.

AIPHA Forest Fire Index

AIPHA FFI can help you to better understand the danger of wildfires along your power line.

i) Drought Index

Remote Sensing

Estimate how dry a region is based on a well-esteblished drought-index from high resolution satellite images.

ii) Biomass Estimation

Deep Learning

Estimate the amount of potentially burnable biomass from satellite images.

iii) Forest Fire Index

Based on (i) and (ii)

Estimate the amount of burnable bio-fuel near your power lines.